To a small number of clients, James offers external consulting services. Let him guide you in attaining your goals, solving your problems, and identifying trends that can help optimize your organization’s public relations activities and practices.

Examples of consultation services for specific projects:

  • Public speaking engagements and lectures.
  • Workshops for training in content development, social media handling, public relations in the arts and culture sector, and grant writing.
  • Targeted media interviews and media outreach strategies.
  • Research and/or curatorial writing for exhibitions, gallery openings, curricula units, grant projects, etc.
  • Op-Eds and/or essays for your website and/or blog on more specific topics — for example, cultural heritage for mass audiences, colonial Latin American art, Japanese temples, nonprofit management, Islamic extremism, etc.

Why consult with James Blake Wiener?

  • Expert public relations, editorial, and writing skills.
  • Museum, academic, publishing, and research contacts throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, and East Asia.
  • Experience in web content creation and management.
  • Access to social media outlets with more than 800,000+ followers.
  • Content creation and translation in French, Spanish, and Portuguese to multilingual audiences.