The digital revolution has changed the ways in which PR is practiced and leveraged by organizations and companies. James Blake Wiener offers specialized communications services to a select number of clients.

Does your company or organization have:

  • Goals to be met — visitors, users, or customers that need to be reached, addressed, interested?
  • A lack of sufficient knowledge in connecting with media contacts and influencers?
  • Internal resources required for the core business?
  • Limited demographic, geographical reach, or perspectives?

What James can provide:

  • A thorough analysis of goals, target audiences, and how to leverage resources.
  • Design and budgeting of a PR campaign.
  • Production of related materials with external partners as needed.
  • Connection to media outlets and influencers.
  • Successful measurement and back reporting.

Leadership and Branding: James has a decade of experience, supporting branding, audience and membership growth, and partnership development. He helped co-found and run Ancient History Encyclopedia (AHE), which now receives 3 millions visitors per month.

International Network: James can offer access to long-term, personal relationships with media and research professionals in the domain of arts, culture, and education, as well as luxury and lifestyle.

Public Speaking Engagements: James has participated in panel discussions a variety of topics or issues, undertaking speaking engagements in North America, South America, and Europe concerning research, education, digital content creation, and cultural heritage.